A ring light is a multipurpose lighting tool that allows you to obtain a uniform light source when working with a camera or phone. The best ring lights, like the ones available on Addbeautiful are usually easy to use. These tools can either feature a single fluorescent bulb or several small LEDs. Regardless, they can be used for a wide range of applications which we will be discussing below.

Applications of ring light

Below are some popular applications of ring lights;

1. Video production

The first and most popular application of ring lights is in video production. These tools are used as a source of light in video shoots. They can be used in both professional or non-professional scenarios. For instance, you can use a ring light to produce videos for your social media accounts like TikTok or Instagram at home. You can also use them for producing professional videos for your brand, like making makeup tutorials and informative youtube videos. These tools are used in video production because they provide a dramatic and professional look for filming. They also assist significantly with the picture quality.

2. Photography

Like in videography, ring lights are also used as a source of light in photography. They are used to influence the outcome of the quality of photos produced during a photoshoot. They are critical in indoor photography. However, they can also be used outdoors when the natural light is not efficient or is unpredictable. They can be used for both personal and professional purposes.

3. Makeup application

Most ring lights can produce a daylight color rating of around 54000k. For this reason, they are perfect for makeup applications. When applying makeup, you need a specific type of lighting, especially one that mimics natural light, because it will influence your makeup quality. It will also influence how your makeup looks when you walk outside the house.

Therefore, a ring light will come in handy, especially on an overcast day or on a day when natural light is not as efficient or available. Note that ring light only acts as a substitute for natural light. This means that if you can access natural light, it would be best to use it for your makeup application instead of a ring light.

4. Live streaming

Nowadays, ring lights have also become very popular in live streaming applications. Individuals and celebrities use these tools as a source of light when streaming content live. They mainly come in handy when doing streaming sessions indoors or when natural lighting is not available. Ring lights help influence your appearance and the quality of your video when live streaming.

5. Reading lights

Ring lights can also act as excellent reading lambs. This is especially the case with ring lights that offer a light intensity adjustment element. You can place the light on your reading table or nightstand, adjust the light intensity and efficiently use it as a reading lamp. Depending on the length of the ring light, you can also use it as a floor lamp.


The applications of ring lights usually differ depending on the type and its components. For instance, there are specific ring lights designed for professional applications and those designed for home use. Thus, any time your out looking for a ring light to purchase, your needs should guide you.


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