If you’re a lover of box braids, then you must have come across the idea of box braided wigs. You no longer have to sit down for long hours just to cop your favorite hairstyle and look good. For someone planning to own one of these wigs, your major concern will most likely be “how to take care of your box braided wig”. While this may seem like a simple question with a simple answer, it still requires details.

Having your wig looking all unkempt, frizzy, with tangled or almost damaged ends will only send people far away from you. This is why knowing how to care for your braided wig is highly important. To find out how you can do this easily, stick to this read.

How to Care For Your Box Braided Wig

1. Wash Frequently

The first step to caring for anything regarding hairstyle is to first learn how to wash them and also how often to do that. For Box braided wigs, it’s advised that you soak in lukewarm water using a soft or mild shampoo. You have to prevent your wig from looking chapped by avoiding steaming hot water.

While washing, ensure that the ends of your wig are dipped into the water. This will enable it to have more straightened tips.

2. Moisturize

Frequent moisturizing is another step to ensuring that your box braided wig stands the test of time. Always ensure to use the right hair mousse and oil sheen after washing as this will cause it to attain your most desired soft, supple, and shining look.

3. Avoid Heat

Heat is one of the first things you must avoid when it comes to braided wigs care. Hairdryers, hot combs, etc. are part of the heat tools to stay far away from. Since your wig extension is majorly made from synthetic materials, you have to keep it from melting by avoiding every form of heat.

4. Pull Them Off at Night

A common mistake most women make is to sleep while having their wig on. Sleeping in your box braided wig can cause it to tangle and this can lead to total damage to the hair; you must avoid it at all cost.

5. Allow Some Air

The best way to provide air for your wig is to hang it in an airy corner of your house when you’re not using it. Avoid tying it up in nylon or just folding it up for a long time, it will only fasten damage.

6. Take Care of Your Scalp

A scalp that is well taken care of may incur a bad smell which directly transfers to the wig. Remember to always shampoo and condition your natural hair as often as you can, preferably 2 to 3 weeks. It doesn’t only help you to sustain the lifespan of your wig, but your natural hair will also have some avenue to attain new growth.

Final Thoughts

In all, not carrying properly for your box braided wig may as it to become a breeding ground for bacteria; you don’t want this. The instructions in this guide are there for you to take. Strict adherence to them will enable you to care better for your hair/wig


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