If you are a big fan of wigs, then you must have noticed that headband wigs are quite trendy. They are very fashionable. Headband wigs are a combination of human hair and a wig base that looks like a headband. Unlike lace wigs that glue, the headband wig does not require glue. It is simply strapped at the back with the headband-like material and further styled with a headband.

What does a headband wig look like?

The inner parts of headband wigs are like regular wigs, with three clips/combs, one on the left, another on the right, and one behind to secure your wig so it doesn’t fall off. Headband wigs show off your natural hairline. You could easily switch things up by wearing matching headbands with your outfit.

While it seems like the new trend is a travel back in time to the ’70s where headbands were trendy, the pandemic might have had a thing to with it. During the lockdown, several production companies were affected including companies who produced lace wigs and closures. Headband wigs were produced in response to this lag but they were well welcomed among wig wearers.

There are several reasons you should jump in on this trend. This article will be reviewing a few of them.

Advantages of having a headband wig

Every woman should have at least one headband wig in her closet. Here’s why;

1. Easy to wear

Headband wigs are very easy to install especially for a beginner. You do not have to get a professional hairstylist to fix it for you. In ten minutes or less, you should be done wearing a headband wig.

2. Less expensive

Anyone who wears lace wigs knows they are not cheap. Headband wigs are way cheaper and it also saves you the cost and stress of visiting a hairstylist for installation and removal.

3. Protects your hairline

With headband wigs, you do not have to worry about cutting extra lace or glue on your scalp. Using poor-quality glue damages your scalp and hairline. Removing lace wigs forcefully or without proper care will cause injuries to your scalp. Headband wigs you from all of this hassle. With them, you are not bothered about scalp injuries or damaged hairline. They give your hairline a breather and your scalp.

4. Lightweight and breathable

Most headband wigs are usually lightweight. This is because most of them are made from human hair. They are suitable for any kind of weather.

5. Wide range of choices

Headband wigs in different forms. There are several options to pick from. Headband wigs could curly, straight, kinky, half wigs. With the right kind of headband, you can change the style and match it perfectly with your outfit or mood. Headbands could also match the season. You could use bright colors for summer or a Halloween-themed headband for Halloween.


Headband wigs are going to be around for a long time. As more persons are getting aware of it they tend to fall in love with it. They are the perfect go-to wigs for different seasons. You should definitely have one in her closet.


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