No one can ignore the importance of quality entertainment. It adds up spark and keeps you moving in your daily hectic routine. One entertainment source is “I Feel You Linger In The Air”. But the only issue many face in seeking quality entertainment is higher cost and low-quality streaming.

This poses viewers with hefty bills and limited choices. This situation raises the need for accessible and affordable services. No worries, this article will introduce you to a remarkable solution. This solution is Youku. Youku is an online TV or free streaming service that you can access and watch from anywhere around the globe.

Let’s uncover right in this article how you can use this service and what benefits you can harness. Sounds exciting? Let’s dive right in!

I Feel You Linger In The Air – Overview

I feel you linger in the Air is a Thailand drama consisting of 12 episodes. This serial first aired on the 18th of August. I feel you linger in the air taken from a novel titled Fragrance of Love. The audience suitability of this drama is 18+. The viewer’s feedback or rating regarding this serial is 8.0 out of 10.0. This reflects the quality and entertainment level of the serial. This will make you include this drama in your must-watch series.

Why Choose Youku To Watch I Feel Linger In The Air?

You can get several benefits by choosing Youku instead of any other streaming service. Here are the key benefits to note:

High Resolution

The first benefit on the list is that Youku offers content in unmatchable quality. There are 4 qualities to choose from while watching. These are 360p, 540p, 720p, and 1080p. You can choose any resolution and quality at your convenience. This takes the watching experience to a whole new level. The option to select the qualities allows you to experience a clean and clear picture.

Unmatchable Convenience

There are no geographical restrictions when accessing the Youku TV. You can access it from anywhere regardless of the location. The only thing you need at hand is a device, internet, and URL of the youku. This adds comfort for accessing and enjoying your latest shows and dramas.

Low Cost and Free Options

Using Youku, you can enjoy many free shows, but in 720p. The higher quality 1080p is for the VIPs or premium members. But you don’t need to worry. Youku charges only a few dollars, around 2. This will help you enjoy the latest episodes and shows on the go as a premium member. The cost that Youku charges is very low compared to the other streaming services in the market.

Multi-Device Access

Youku service is highly accessible by any device at hand. The Youku service supports mobile, tablet, PC, or even phone usage. You don’t need to purchase a special device to use this service. This will prevent you from spending more in the long run. The other good thing is that you can enjoy multiple screens on multiple devices simultaneously with just one payment. This adds up to the worth of Youku.


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