Gel polish has gained popularity, and the trend isn’t coming to an end anytime soon. It lasts longer and has assorted variations like jelly gel polish, whose formula has a different texture than others. There are also soft and hard gels available on online shopping sites or physical stores. It is applied on both natural and acrylic nails and gives the same effect. In this write-up, we discuss gel polish application and its advantages.

Gel Polish Application

Unlike regular nail polish, the gel has a step-by-step application process to ensure it dries and looks good. Start by washing the hands, scrub the nails and dry them. File the nails to a suitable shape and length. Using a cuticle pusher, push back and remove the cuticles carefully. Buff using a buffing block to remove shine, then use a damp cloth to wipe off the nail dust or clean water.

The second step is applying the base coat. Dry the nails and apply a thin layer evenly to every part of the nail. Cap the free edge using the brush and cure by placing your hand in a UV lamp for 60 seconds. Be careful not to smudge the coat as it is still sticky.

The next step is applying the color coat. Be careful not to apply it on the nail bed. Leave a 1mm gap between the edge of the nail and the skin. When attached to the skin, nail growth will occur, resulting in pain since the gel has hardened. After the first layer, cap the edge with gel and put your hand in the UV lamp for 60 seconds. Apply a second layer and repeat the previous step.

Finally, once the second layer is cured, apply a single topcoat layer on the whole nail to give it a shiny look. Cap the free edge and place it in the lamp to cure.

Advantages of Gel Polish

1. Fast Drying

This factor is a significant reason why people love it. Its nature to dry quickly prevents smudges, and you can go on with your activities after few minutes. The gel polish saves time, unlike regular polish, which takes approximately one hour to dry. The UV lamp plays a considerable role in the drying, making the gel color quickly stick to the nail.

2. Durable

Proper application and curing prevent the gel from chipping or peeling. You can have it on for two to four weeks, still having its original appearance. Regular polish comes off easily, especially when it comes into contact with water.

3. Nail Protection

Gel polish strengthens the nail preventing frequent breakage. Their longevity allows the nail to rejuvenate and grow long. The curing process is crucial to stop dust or dirt particles from getting to the nail. However, the gel is hard to take off, and failure to do it well can damage your nail. Seek professional help for easy removal.

Bottom Line

Gel nail polish has a wide range of colors to experiment with and achieve your ideal design. Express your personality and style with any color and follow the application process for perfect natural-looking nails.


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