Brazilian Hair
Brazilian Hair

If you wash your virgin brazilian hair and happen to notice a black dye coming from it, that’s a sign that the so-called Brazilian hair is not so real after all. The only way you can be sure that you have purchased authentic hair is by getting it from reputable vendors’ websites like Hair Vendor

Pure and real virgin hair is also known as remy hair. This basically refers to hair that has come from a single donor. All the hair strands face the same direction and the cuticles are still intact. For this reason, it is at times also referred to as cuticle hair. Such hair has 100% purity since it has neither been treated nor processed.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian Hair

How do I tell the difference?

In this article, we’ll help you differentiate between fake and pure Brazilian hair. This will protect you from paying a heavy price tag for something that is now genuine. Here are the various tests that you can use to verify the authenticity of the hair:

  • Test One- Color

The Brazilian Hair Body often comes in the donor’s original hair color. While most of it is black in color, others do not have a uniform color for the entire bunch; they are a bit lighter from the middle to the ends and a bit darker from the middle to the roots. This is due to the presence of natural highlights.

Generally, the colors range between natural black to natural brown.

It wouldn’t be unusual to spot a strand or two of grey hair within the Brazilian hair bundle.

Brazilian Hair Fashion

  • Test Two- Texture

The second test to tell whether the Brazilian hair is real or not is to check its texture. Real Brazilian hair will tend to be a bit coarse and not too silky or too straight. Some manufacturers use silicon and other chemical straighteners to treat hair and give it an extremely straight appearance.

This test is quite easy to conduct- simply run your fingers through the hair to feel its texture. Alternatively, you can just look at it keenly to observe any differences in its appearance.

  • Test Three- Flame Test

Third, you can test if the hair is real or fake by burning it. Cut off a small portion off the bundle and place it above a flame. Notice how it burns. Usually, the fake hair will immediately burn up in a flame when it comes in contact with fire.

On the other hand, real human virgin hair is not as highly flammable as fake hair. It only produces smoke when it comes into contact with fire.

Brazilian Hair
Brazilian Hair
  • Test Four- Wet Test

Finally, the last test that you can use to differentiate between real Brazilian hair and fake hair is by using water. While real virgin hair retains its natural wave pattern when it’s wet, fake hair soaks in a lot of water and becomes very heavy when it’s wet. This also applies for synthetic hair. The fourth test is usually the ultimate test. The natural hair is able to retain its curls because once it has been washed, all the dirt and products are totally removed. However, you need to keep in mind that not all the hair that gets curly or wavy after it has been washed is real. Some brands of hair may offer lines of hair that still get curvy when washed but is not necessarily real Brazilian hair.


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