Are you thinking about getting a photo locket necklace? This article is for you, individuals seeking to add that something extra to their outfit. We will be looking at some photo necklace ideas.

Without a string of doubt, necklaces are easily the final signature on an outfit that nails a person’s outlook. 

And what’s more? Adding some significant engraving onto the pendants based on your personal preference inherently unwraps a spunky effable charisma on the wearer. 

Photo Locket Necklace with Engraving Rose Gold

Gold isn’t always golden, but with your photo necklace, it sure is!

Perhaps you are very inclined to be a romantic; this is a perfect idea for your next photo necklace -the sterling silver projects your outlook, especially during the day. 

Angel Wings Heart Photo Locket Necklace

The angel wings are an ideal choice for a personalized jewelry gift for yourself, your spouse, and just about anyone you regard in high esteem. Angel wings suit any occasion perfectly! A birthday present? Wedding anniversary? Or perhaps you want a more personalized little family portrait, and you will find this photo Locket Necklace worth every penny. 

 The Photo Engraved Tag Necklace 

Built with 925 sterling silver, this is undoubtedly a beautiful photo necklace having all the right perks, a perfect gift to present to your mom, spouse, and family. It fully supports custom personalization of all kinds. 

How to Make A Photo Necklace

  • Select Your Jewelry Design

From a petite heart photo necklace down to a simple dog tag, the choice is yours to make on the kind of design that flawlessly complements your style.

  • Upload Your Photo

If you are purchasing from an online store after deciding on the type of design you want, you will be prompted to upload your photos. Either from your social media handles or internal storage, be sure to crop and edit the photos until it perfectly fits. This is the essence of a photo necklace. 

  • Opt for photo proofing

With photo proofing, the image(s) you insert in your picture necklace would be reviewed and aligned correctly, showing a final product of the Necklace’s custom photo. A lot of online and physical store offers this service. 

  • Include Engravings

It’s always a great idea to include engravings in your photo necklace. 

While engravings utterly depend on the pendant sizes, you should find the balance that would make the Necklace stand out.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

When choosing a photo locket necklace, these are some mistakes you should avoid; 

  • Avoid a dark photo. 
  • Avoid the use of somewhat blurry photos. 
  • You shouldn’t align photos at skewed angles. 
  • Do not use photos that are smaller than the photo necklace carving. 

For the perfect charm, once these mistakes are avoided, you are good to go. 

Final Thoughts

We believe gifting to your spouse, friend, and family a photo necklace is wholly a thoughtful thing to do, and it goes a long way to prove how caring you are. With the ideas above, we reckon you have a creative spark for your next photo necklace purchase. 


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