The name necklaces trend has been on the rise recently; however, the chains have been there for quite some time. Since the 80s, name necklaces have been in existence in the color gold, but other metal colors have sprung up, creating versatility. They are personalized to have the wearer’s name or any short words with significant meaning and fit the design of the chain. The boldness of the name usually symbolizes pride and acceptance of who you are as a person. You can also have it custom-made for a friend on Namenskette and offer it as a gift. In this post, we look at ways of styling a name necklace.

What Place Can You Buy Name Necklaces?

Before you get into styling, you have to locate the nameplate. There are several places to shop for your chain, considering the market is so extensive. However, it depends on what you want to get, and they vary based on style, quality, and price. Some of the styles include script name necklaces, monogram, sterling silver, and butterfly.

One of the places to find nameplates is from well-known or prominent retailers. You can find a variety made in gold or sterling silver and coated with gem or stones such as diamonds, gemstones, and birthstones. These stores have genuine jewelry, but some are too pricy to afford; hence most people avoid them. They are ideal for people willing to invest in the pieces as family heirlooms. Visit other upcoming or less known stores for good-quality necklaces at an affordable price.

Online stores are another option for getting your name necklace. Check out their customer reviews and ratings to know how they relate with customers and how genuine their services are. Be keen during the customization process; select and verify the materials you want plus the design before settling for a price. Most online stores have proved genuine but physical stores have more advantages. You can walk in at any time and monitor the progress of your name necklace firsthand. Whichever place you shop, ensure you are getting something nice without breaking your bank.

Ways of Styling Name Necklaces

Necklace styling revolves around many things like the type of name necklace, its color against your skin, size, material, and outfit based on patterns, texture, and color. The color of the necklace should complement your skin tone. Different metals work well with different skins, so it’s important to know what works best for you.

Choose the necklace you want to style, then work around it. If you want a cascading effect or look, layer two necklaces together, one being longer than the other and ensure the nameplates complement each other. Another way is by wearing a long-name necklace plus a choker which is stylish and beautiful.

You can hang a pendant, bar, or disk nameplates engraved with the name or names of important people on a chain. It is possible to have more than one pendant on the chain as long as you don’t appear exaggerated.

Name necklace styling can be guided by your outfit. The style of your clothes: color or pattern should tie everything together. Create contrast to make the jewellery piece pop but still without overpowering your neck.


Name necklaces are beautiful statement pieces that signify confidence. Personalized pieces match your personality and style and are unique. Their price is on the higher side; however, they are worth buying if they fit your budget. You can still have one customized in your preferred design and price range too.


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