Ho Ho Ho, it’s December!! I’m fairly certain I’m not alone in being uber excited about this and to celebrate I thought I’d share this little nail design I did with you all. I don’t usually do this kind of thing and am always in awe of other bloggers at this time of year with their super skills so this year I decided to give it a go and this was the first one I came up with. I’m fairly certain I’ve seen this somewhere, I’m sure it’s a popular one but I didn’t follow a tutorial and wasn’t very precise in truth. I don’t think you need a step by step for this one, it’s fairly self explanatory but if I try anything more complex I’ll try and get pictures along the way.

*What I used*

Ink Stain (the deep blue) / Red Me The News (the base red for the hat) / Red Hot Rock Muse Smokey Top Coat (the glitter red on the hat) / Pinstripe White (fairly obvious) – All from NYC

I painted my blue base, a vague triangle shape with the regular bottle brush in red, added a little glitter then a dot of white for the pom pom and a white tip for the brim of the hat. It was really simple and I didn’t use any special tools so if all you have is the nail polish but you want to create something festive why not give this a go? I will be trying a few other Christmas designs and may buy some fine brushes etc but I’m a bit of a nail art noob so expect them to be simple and easy to replicate if you have little skill in this area.


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