If you are looking for a great and effective way to perfect that no-makeup look or make sure that you do an even layer of foundation on your face, you should start using a cushion foundation. A cushion foundation does a better job compared to traditional compact powder. It is easier to apply compared to a liquid foundation.

What is a cushion foundation?

A cushion foundation is a liquid foundation that comes in a compact form. It comes in a case similar to traditional compact powder cases that is easy to carry and can fit in any purse.

How do you use a cushion foundation?

A cushion foundation may look like an ordinary compact powder at first glance, but it works differently.

You have to gently press the cushion to release the liquid foundation onto the sponge. Then, you can pat the product on your skin. It’s that simple!

The end result is a flawless-looking finish that looks better than when you apply a liquid foundation.

What are the benefits of using a cushion foundation?

Here is a list of reasons why you should make the switch to a cushion foundation

Buildable finish

With a cushion foundation, you get buildable coverage since the cushion can release just the right amount of foundation every time you press down on it. This means you do not waste any of the foundation too. You can create a light, glowing look or layer the product for fuller coverage.

Soft finish

You get a seamless and soft finish with the help of the cushion applicator. You do not need to struggle with a makeup blender or makeup brush! The cushion applicator can blend the liquid foundation evenly and effortlessly onto your skin.

Compact package

You do not have to worry about doing your touch-ups since a cushion foundation comes in a compact size that can fit even the smallest purses. You can take them anywhere with you! With a mirror included in the package, you can retouch your makeup anytime you want to.

Easy and quick application

Are you running late all the time but do not want to show up bare-faced? You can apply light makeup while commuting because the cushion foundation is very easy to apply. Put on the foundation and place on some lipstick, and you are good to go.

Great for beginners

If you are new to makeup, a cushion foundation is a great start since it makes most steps easier for you. Learning how to use makeup brushes and blenders can be a pain sometimes. But with the cushion foundation, the application is so easy that you can do it perfectly and confidently without having to struggle at all!

Now that you know how easy it is to use a cushion foundation and the many benefits it can give you, you should seriously consider using a cushion foundation instead of investing in liquid foundation, makeup brushes, and blenders! You do not only get to save money with the cushion foundation, but you also get a better look overall!


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