I’ve had this for a while now, it’s not the kind of brush that I usually like but it worked for me and I did initially enjoy using it but as is the beauty blogger way other, newer products pushed it to the wayside and I kind of forgot about it. I picked it up again recently and actually like it even more. Sometimes a mascara can be terrible but if you leave it to dry out a little a month or 2 down the line it’s a totally different formula. It’s thicker, adheres better to my lashes and builds so much more volume as a result, I love it.

The claims of course is that it grows your lashes.. I’m not sure that it does.. or that that’s even possible but I like how it looks and that’s all I really want from a mascara. I would just say that if you have this and cast it aside as no good.. give it another go. I did already like it but it got SO much better with time and that’s the case with a lot of things, sometimes it’s the product that changes, sometimes your skin/hair or even your tastes but I never totally write something off until I’ve given it a second shot a few months later.. you just never know and it would be a waste to get rid of something that could work in time.


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