When thinking of buying gifts for your loved one, reaching out for certain kinds of jewellery including name necklace, engraved rings, or bracelet is always a good choice. Unfortunately, not everyone has background information on how to make a purchase. For this reason, it increasingly becomes easier to be duped into purchasing an item that is bogus. Below are helpful tips that will aid you in buying personalised jewellery without losing money.

Check Personalised Jewellery Under Different Lighting

When considering buying personalised necklaces with diamonds, be on the lookout for special lighting in the retail shop. Special lighting can make even the dullest piece shine brightly and make jewellery gifts look better than they are. Be aware of this trick and consider asking to see the piece under different lighting. Doing so will allow you to inspect the piece for what it truly is.

Ensure That The Personalised Jewellery Diamonds Are Not Enhanced

Retailers have been known to treat and enhance custom necklaces, rings, and bracelets with diamond to make a sale on broken pieces. They do this by injecting silicone or using laser drilled treatment hence masking the fact that it has been fractured or cracked. Take note of this; ask if treatment of any kind has been done. For fear of being charged with fraud, most retailers will answer you truthfully. Always ask and insist on a price adjustment when you discover a piece has been treated.

Countercheck The Personalised Jewellery Carat

When looking into buying a custom name necklace, a classic piece, a ring or bracelet with a diamond, it is normal to reach out for one with a higher carat. However, when doing so, be aware of a price list that offers the total carat of the stones instead of a breakdown of the centre and side pieces. When this is done, it’s usually to hide a lower centre carat that you should take as a red flag.

Be Wary Of Personalised Jewellery With Mounted Diamonds  


The beauty of mounted diamonds is usually unrivaled. However, as eye-catching as it might be, it’s one of the riskiest ways of purchasing personalised jewellery as the prongs are generally used to hide cracks. When you notice this, ask to see the stone un-mounted piece. Any experienced retailer with nothing to hide will allow you to do so. Remember, there is no truth in claiming that it is difficult to do so as it is just a way to hide that it’s poorly constructed, cheap or has a defect.

Identify Personalised Jewellery with Improper Weights

Before deciding to purchase personalised name necklace, always request for the paperwork to back the sale of gold or diamond carat. The information includes the history, how it was appraised and the likes. One old trick retailers use it to sell pieces using large under tables that make the jewellery look more prominent and brilliant than they are. Unfortunately, this leads to purchasing pieces with low brilliance with an unsightly, uneven cut.


In all, ensure you gather background information on the ring, bracelet or name necklace you wish to purchase. What’s more, remember to ask for a bargain as retailers will only give you one if you ask for it. Overall, following the above guide will prove useful in purchasing various kinds of personalised jewellery for you or your loved one.


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