How can you not love this nail polish? I am awfully sorry to post it because it was limited edition in 2010 and is not currently available but ChelseaWears pointed something out in a video I watched the other day that I thought was somewhat profound.. or as profound as you can be when referring to limited edition makeup items. If nobody ever mentions them then you don’t know to grab them when they’re relaunched in a collection, so I’m telling you right now if you see this on sale, BUY IT!

.Bad Fairy is one of my favourite Winter/festive nail colours and I will be sharing all of my favourites over the coming weeks so I thought why not kick off with one of the best? It’s duo chrome and almost firey in some lights. I took a little look online for you all and it looks like Nails Inc did a shade called New Burlington Place which was a perfect dupe for this (but is also no longer available) but Accessorize have one available RIGHT NOW that if these photos are to be believes is pretty darn close. You can buy Accessorize Pink Spice online here for £3.45

It’s one of my favourites in my huge collection so if there’s a drugstore dupe that close I may have to pick it up for myself!


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