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Eyelash extensions have become a popular beauty accessory used to enhance looks. While some are made using synthetic material, others are made from silk and other human hair. The best mink lashes stay on for days and go a long way in simplifying your daily makeup routine. However, how long the lash extensions last depends on how well you take care of them.

What Are The Health Risks Associated With Wearing Eyelash Extensions?

The main risks of wearing eyelash extensions include eye infections and the possibility of your natural eyelashes falling out. Let us look at the hazards posed by false eyelashes in details:

  • Eyelash Extensions Can Cause Allergies

The glue that is used in the application process may contain formaldehyde which can cause irritation to the eyes resulting in irritation, burning sensation, rashes, inflammation, and stinging.

  • Eyelash Extensions Can Damage Real Eyelashes

The main reason why people use falsies is to make their real eyelashes appear longer. Unfortunately, if one is not careful the regular use of the falsies can cause the natural ones to come off either permanently or temporarily.

  • Eyelash Extensions Can Trap Bacteria

The false eyelashes can trap bacteria and fungus, multiply there and cause infections. The microorganisms thrive well here thanks to the moist environment. Such cause infections that can lead to redness and pain in the eyes.

  • Eyelash Extensions Can Clog The Follicles For Your Natural Eyelashes

Such clogging results in a type of infection referred to as external horde oleum. The infection gives the eyelids a feeling of heaviness.

  • Eyelash Extensions Can Cause Vision Problems
Eyelash Extensions

Repeat infections can result in ulcers which heal and lead to the formation of scars on the cornea. This kind of scaring causes poor vision.

Step-By-Step Guide On How To Apply for Eyelash Extensions

Keep reading and we promise you that by the end of this piece you should be in a position to apply your faux eyelashes like a real professional.

  • Step 1

Apply mascara to your real eyelashes and allow them to dry up

  • Step 2

Pour a few drops of the eyelash glue on a surface then using a pair of tweezers, pick up each individual lash and dip it into the glue

  • Step 3

 Carefully, following the outline of your natural eyelashes, apply the eyelashes exactly where you want them to be.

  • Tip

Go for knot-free eyelashes as these tend to create a more natural look. Use your fingers to straighten any lash that seems to be tilted to the left or right.

If you’re looking for a more dramatic look, add a couple more eyelashes on the outer corners of the eyes. The lashes should be medium-length; neither too long nor too short.

Eyelash Extensions


Before getting your eyelashes installed, it’s important to ensure that you don’t put your eyes’ health at risk. Make sure that you’re in good hands of a reputable beautician and that the application is done under sanitary conditions.

All the risks we discussed above shouldn’t scare or discourage you from getting eyelash extensions and looking glam. There are so many people who use them without any issues at all. Taking good care of the eyelashes goes a long way in preventing infections and allows you to enjoy the eyelash extensions.


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