Types Of Tubs

In the present world, most individuals are focused on having lavish lifestyles for themselves and their loved ones. Consequently, a bathtub is one of the tools that give you a fantastic bathing experience. However, manufacturers have adhered to various demands by their clients, thus producing multiple types of tubs in question. In this article, some of the commonly used bathtubs will be discussed.

  • French Bateau tubs

Arguably, the tub in question is one of the unique types of showers and tubs. The French Bateau tub has a floating boat shape, with both ends raised; thus, they can be used as either right or left-handed. They come in different colors and sizes, depending on the client’s specifications. Most individuals like this type of tub due to its unique style and excellent functionality.

  • Contemporary freestanding

Similarly, freestanding bathtubs type is also liked by a relatively massive number of individuals due to its design flexibility. However, they are not designed with any side to be installed on the wall. Therefore, they can either be kept to stand on their feet, on a design based capable of supporting its full weight, or on clawfoot tubs. Although the style in question requires a relatively big space, it comes in different forms.

  • Corner bathtubs

Due to the unique bathtub shape, corner bathtubs are mostly used by individuals with small bathroom space. The bathtub style in question is three-sided, two sides are designed to be mounted on the walls. However, they are manufactured in different shapes, thus giving the consumers a variety to choose from.

Types Of Tubs
  • Walk-in bathtubs

Arguably, most individuals get into a dilemma because they do not know how to buy a replacement bathtub for their elderly or disabled members. However, walk-in tubs are the most suitable for such a purpose. The bathtub types in question have a door that closes and opens near to the floor, thus outdoing the legs bending and lifting challenges. Additionally, they are equipped with interior rails and seats to ensure both comfort and safety.  

  • Soaking tubs

Indisputably, the soaking tub has gained popularity in the recent past. Soaking tubs are made of different materials, thus having varying prices. Also, the type of tub in question is relatively deep, and water can cover you up to the neck while seated. Deepwater baths offer your senses relaxation and muscle comfort.

  • Drop-in tubs

Drop-in tubs, also known as platform bathtubs, are basic bathtubs but with no finished side. They are designed to be dropped into a frame matching with the other parts of the room. Nonetheless, they have a relatively complicated mounting process since you will be required to install both the tub and the outside enclosure.  

In conclusion,

Bathtubs give your house a modern design, thus making it look stylish. However, due to the customer’s different tastes and design for fashion, there are various types of tubs in the market. Some of the commonly used models are such as drop-in, soaking, walk-in, corner, contemporary freestanding, and French Bateau bathtubs, among others.


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