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Most women want to look and feel good both on the inside and the outside.  Unfortunately, because of everyday swamping in business, most people don’t have time to choose clothes or buy them carefully. For this reason, many women end up hoarding a mass of unwanted or unwearable garments in their wardrobe.  To eliminate this, you need to choose a staple type of dress that will look good for every occasion. Doing so makes it so much easier to buy high-quality dresses from online shops like https://www.floryday.com/de/Schwarze-Kleider-r9832/. Below are ten different dress types that every woman should have in their wardrobe.

  • A Sheath Type Of Dress

Wearing pantsuits for office work was a requirement for women a few years back. Unfortunately, they were restrictive, rigid and didn’t allow anyone to showcase personal style and taste.  The sheath type of dress is now the go-to types of dresses guide that you need in your wardrobe. Its design accentuates your feminine features without seeming too casual. As it’s pro-friendly, you can be smart, elegant and presentable. Additionally, you can use this dress to attend an after-work party and still fit right in.

  • Off The Shoulder Type Of Dress

For those who want to invest in different types of dresses in the world to showcase their preference, the off shoulder dress is a keeper. The design allows ample exposure of one shoulder; hence it’s great for casual events like birthday parties or a night out with the girls. As the rest of the dress is usually conservative, it balances the rest of the dress. It gives the off shoulder dress just the right amount of exposure without being too provocative; hence the perfect tease dress.

  • A Midi Type Of Dress
type of dress

There comes a time when you have no idea about the dress code of the event that you have had an invitation. Instead of winging it and sticking out like a sore thumb, why not reach and wear the midi type dress. The design of this dress allows it to go right at the knee giving the perfect dress length balance. This feature will enable you to blend well in social functions, official functions, and religious functions seamlessly. As a bonus with the midi type of dress is that it suits all body types hence a must in your wardrobe.

  • A Lace Type Of Dress

If you desire a sophisticated elegant and yet stylish style of dress, then the lace type of clothing is essential to consider as a good investment. The manners in which it lays and accentuate your features make the lace dress a gorgeous choice. Additionally, how it caresses your skin makes it comfortable and hence a great option that you can wear for almost every occasion. To be a real head turner, choose lace design with intrinsic patterns for that ultimate oomph factor.   

  • A Shift Type Of Dress

One type of dress that you cannot overlook as a wardrobe essential is the shift dress. Typically, the shift dress is the go-to dress choice for running errands about town. The design of this dress is freeing and hence breathable and comfortable. It makes the dress a great option to travel in as it allows you to blend in various places. The good thing is you can transform a shift dress from a casual dress to a formal dress with a simple blazer.

type of dress
  • Little Black Type Of Dress

For a wedding, a cocktail party and even a first date the little black dress is one of the types of dresses that you must have. The little black dress can transform any gloomy wardrobe day to spectacular heights as it’s a statement unto itself. It allows you to wear it to any occasion without feeling you will look off as it hides all the depraved features and accentuates your best features.

  • A Floral Type Of Dress

Summer, spring, and autumn are the seasons to whip out your summer dresses. Depending on the shade of the dress you can have a wide array of chic floral dress styles list that you can wear. To wear it to different functions, ensure you choose a design that mimics the mood of the occasion and dress code.  Pair it up with a wide array of accessories for either a casual or a dressy look.  As there is no rule against it, pick a  dress and wear it in winter to chase dull blues away.

  • A Flared Dress

Though many different dress styles come and go, the flared dress has stayed in fashion since the 1950s. This classic is flattering with an empire waist that draws attention to the midriff while accentuating the hips.  Pair it up with shorter cardigans to highlight the waist. As the dress makes a bold statement on its own, keep the accessories minimal at a business function. For the ultimate glamour, add various neck and earpieces for that sophisticated, elegant look.

type of dress
  • A Casual Maxi Type Of Dress.

For effortless glam ensure that you have a maxi dress in your wardrobe.  Ideally, sometimes when you are out and about, you don’t feel the need of showing so much skin. For this reason, a maxi dress is perfect for semi-casual dates, brunch with friends or for running errands. The best part of the maxi dress is that it looks excellent in everyone, can be paired differently for various looks and in all, it is very comfortable.

  • A Fabulous Gown Type Of Dress

Finally, for a formal event, you need to invest in various types of formal dresses. Formal dresses include fabulous gowns, cocktail dresses that are perfect for black tie occasion and surprise galas. Go all out on the material type for the ultimate glamour for a sleek look. As the dress should be glamorous keep, the accessories limited for an understated elegant look.

type of dress
  • Conclusion

As expected, shopping is an art. To choose a stylish type of dress that accentuate your best features, ensure that you conduct extensive research on your body type.  Additionally, having an idea of wardrobe essentials makes it easier to choose from the vast array of collection from floryday.com. Overall, doing so makes it easier to dress up in stylish outfits and look good every day.


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