Nail art is one of the most lucrative beauty businesses in existence. Currently, both men and women visit beauty spots to have their nails done or get manicures (manucure). Any good manicurist needs a nail art tool kit. In this post, we look at the most crucial nail art tools.

1. Nail polish

Any nail art tool kit should feature different colors and brands of nail polishes. This is because nail polishes are the most common and widely used type of nail art tool.

2. Nail polish pens

These are a modern alternative to nail polish bottles. They are lacquer pens usually made of the same ingredients as conventional nail polish. The difference is that they have a smaller and pointier application brush that almost resembles a pen. They are easier to use, and they help you achieve perfect designs.

3. Nail polish removers

All nail art kits should have high-quality nail polish remover and cotton swabs or Q-tips to help remove and clean polish from nails. The cotton needs to be lint-free so that it does not leave fibers on the nails.

4. Artificial nails and tips

Not everyone is blessed with a good and attractive set of nails. Therefore, most of the time, people have to stick artificial tips or nails on their natural ones.

5. Nail stickers

Nail stickers are a mandatory item in your nail art kit. These are attractive stickers with a strong adhesive on the back. They are usually applied on dry nail polish and sealed with a top coat that dries fast.

If you apply them properly, they often look like they have been drawn on the nails. It would be best to have nail stickers with a wide range of designs like flowers, cartoon characters, emojis, and the likes.

6. Stencils

These are nail art tools used to apply images and outlines of shapes and characters on nails. But, they can be used for a wide range of designs like hearts and stars. These tools are currently widespread because women have become more adventurous with nail art.

7. Dotting accessories

These are tools used to create dots when painting nail art. They help in creating various nail designs. Most of the best nail designs you have seen have been made partially using dotting tools.

8. Nail glue

This is one of the most critical nails art tools. It helps you stick artificial nails and acrylics onto your natural nails. Nail glue is specially designed to be gentle on the skin and nails. It usually lasts for several weeks, depending on the quality of maintenance.

9. Rhinestones

These nail art tools have recently become very widespread and widely used. This is because they add glamour and drama to nail art. Your nail art kit should feature different sizes, shapes, and colors of rhinestones.

Final word

Your nail art kit also needs a pair of tweezers, tongs, or scissors to help pick small embellishments and stick them onto your nails. They help make work easier. You may also need things like studs, acrylic decals, and nail art brushes. The types of nail art tools you acquire depend on your style and your clients if you own a nail art business.


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