Making an informed purchase is an essential factor in getting the right product. You don’t have to go through any lessons to become an expert; you only need to know the essential factors discussed in this article. There are two known types of lace wigs, closure wigs, and frontal lace wigs; they are both made to give an elegant desired look. Here is all you need to know about lace wigs.

How Lace Wigs Are Made

Lace wigs are made with high-quality synthetic hair and human hair; they are perfectly hand-crafted with skilled artisans. For lace closure wigs, the cap is made with a lace that mimics the scalp to blend with the color of the skin. This makes them look more natural or less detectable.

The cap is made of materials of different kinds, including; silk, lace, Swiss, skin, and monofilament. Most caps are made of Swiss lace, and they come in different colors that match different scalp colors. The monofilament is only available in its original color. The hair extension is then creatively knotted by hand to the cap to make them invisible or seem like natural hair growth.

Types of Knots

1. Bleached Knots

The knots are usually bleached to make them look like natural hair, and they can be colored all-around the cap, on the hairline edges, or throughout the cap. When buying a lace wig, you have an option of either selecting bleached knots or not. Blond lace wigs do not require their knots to be bleached because the hair extension is already light.

2. Hidden Knots

They are also known as silk tops; they are called hidden knots because the knots are hidden. This is the best option if you are looking for the most natural-looking lace wig. The knots are made using a method called Triple Reversed Knots that uses a ventilation method that involves three layers; two lace and a silk layer.

3. Single and Double Knots

The knots are made through a ventilation process; light lace wigs have single knots. If you want a less detectable knot, buy a wig that has single knots around the hairline edges. This doesn’t mean that double knots are noticeable; they are the best choice if you are looking for durability or heavy lace wigs.


This information is crucial for customized wigs; they are made for people with hair loss problems, busy working-class women, or those who want to explore various hair stylings without interfering with their natural hair. When making an order for a customized lace wig, the type of lace material, the knot type, hair extension length, color and highlights, the texture, the measurements of the head, and the hair density is essential. You should be familiar with the terms and the essential details to make an informed purchase.

The measurements are critical when ordering a customized wig. Use a soft tape measure to get accurate measurements; if you are buying a ready-made lace wig, ensure that the head measurements are a perfect match.


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