stylish women’s dresses

Women’s fashion is both intriguing and complicated. Unlike men, women care too much about how they look. A woman would rather wake up an hour or earlier than necessary to make sure that she looks exquisite. There is more to the appearance of a woman than the attire that she has on. Other aspects that women dig into to make them look and feel great about themselves include makeup, shoes, and hair as well. The dresses that women wear influence their choice of makeup, the shoes they wear, and the hairdo they keep as well. In this post, we look at OFEEFAN’s black cold shoulder dress for women of all sizes. 

Features of OFEEFAN’S women cold shoulder dress

  • This dress is made from ninety-five percent rayon and five percent spandex materials. These materials contribute to the elasticity of the dress and the sturdiness of the dress. 
  • The dress is made from stretchy fabric that one cannot see through. The material is also extremely comfortable and soft. 
  • The dress is available in more than a dozen colors and patterns. However, the black dress is the most common. 
  • The cold shoulder dress features a round neck that is decent yet classy and can be worn by women of different sizes. 
  • The swing hem allows for the durability of the dress
  • It is a tank top dress with a loose fit. This means that women of all sizes can wear it. Smaller bodied ladies can easily pair the dress with a stylish belt. On the other hand, the big-bodied ones can slip the dress on, and they are good to go. 
  • Additionally, the dress comes in a variety of sizes from small, to XXL. 
  • This dress can be worn on a variety of occasions such as parties, weddings, casual events, and venues like the beach. Lastly, this dress can be paired with a belt, necklaces, leggings, and boots, depending on the wearer and the occasion. 
  • This dress is easy to maintain. This means that you can either hand wash it or use a washing machine. Drying is also not a challenge as it pills resistant hence can be dried at once after washing. 

Factors to consider when buying a dress

stylish women’s dresses
  1. Size- the size of the dress is the primary factor of consideration. Before considering the size of the dress, you first have to know your body size. Choosing a small size may cause the dress not to fit or to appear unflattering. The same can be said about a large size.
  2. Cost- it is always wise to choose a piece of cloth that you can afford
  3. Color- the color that you choose depends on the occasion, season, your skin tone and preferences as well. 
  4. Design- there are various designs of dresses in the market. The one you choose depends on your preferences, the season, and other elements. 

Final Word

Dresses are a must-have woman attire. However, not all women like dresses as some prefer pants and other skirts. The majority, however, own at least one dress. 


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