Magnitone Pulsar – Half Price At Boots!


 I received this new gadget earlier this week and wanted to let you know it’s available as well as a give a few first impressions. It’s basically a new variant on the Clarisonic from a different brand but for those of you who felt that was overpriced and completely unaffordable the Magnitone Pulsar will be selling for half price over the next month!

First impressions

Straight out of the box I like that it has a charging cradle and two brush heads. I love my Mia but the magnetic charger is a bit of a pain cause it could come off and not be charging. I know some Clarisonic systems come with a cradle and I always wished mine had so that’s a plus. The Magnitone also has 4 brush settings, 3 of them are speeds and one is a massage function which I really like.. you wouldn’t think a brush could massage but it’s such a strong pulse, it was impressive. It’s also designed to be used as a body brush as well as a facial cleanser.. hence the different brush heads, Clarisonic didn’t do a body brush for the version I have so again this is a bonus for me. The only real negative here is that the machine feels cheap to me. I don’t know whether it’s just because it’s so difference to hold and use but the Clarisonic feels like a nicer piece of kit.. that being said if you’re buying it for half price I can totally get over that for all the other benefits. The brush also felt a little rough and I think this is because the bristles are so long on the facial option which again may just be a change I need to get used to rather than a bad point to the product. It also may be the same thing as when you change your toothbrush after a couple of months.. the brush softens with use and so a new one feels hard.. I’ve only been using this for just under a week so far so it’s very possible in a months time I will come back with totally different opinions.

A couple of other benefits to the Magnitone – it’s waterproof, the charging time is 15 hours for 3 weeks worth of brushing (1 minute morning and night) and the replacement brush heads ar 2 for £15.99 – about half the cost of the Clarisonic brush heads. Overall I’m really happy with the brush so far, I haven’t used my Clarisonic in a while but a new gadget is always and exciting addition.

The system is available from Boots online for £64.99 reduced from £129.99.. one for the Christmas list


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