Photographer Sarah Packer has been documenting her siblings Jack and Mark throughout their adolescence.

“This is a study of my two brothers, Jack (15yrs) and Mark (18yrs), they are both at different stages in their adolescence and during this study I have realised this affected my imagery even more than I had previously acknowleged. My two siblings are about to enter adult life and I had no record of this journey despite how close I am with them. It is an ongoing representation of my own truth of their life in the family home and also their own truth.

This has been a collaborative project with my brothers as I get them involved in my imagery and encourage them to take their own. The mix of instax, 35mm and medium format imagery enables me to capture them in ways that are more instant and then those that are more studied. This has developed into being a deep study of my brothers situated in a domestic setting, but also a study of male teenage life and how the lack of representation they get as young individuals about to enter this big stage of their life is disregarded purely because they are a ‘teenager’.

This will culminate in a book called ‘The Boys Who Could Fly’ and also be part of a group exhibition in London in June.”

Sarah’s book is now available here.




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