Wigs have been in use since forever. For all those centuries, mostly bald people brought it into their use. However, nowadays, the wig industry doesn’t have a specific audience to target. Nor do they sell only one type of wig. Recently a new kind of wig known as a headband wig has emerged in the market and instantly became the talk of the town.

Many YouTubers released tutorials and guides on how to wear these wigs along with their reviews. Whether you’re not comfortable in your hair or you want to change hairstyles regularly, headband wigs have become a must-buy product. These are a more healthy approach when it comes to styling your hair in various ways. 

One of the competitors of these headband wigs is the lace front wigs. Read through the guide to find out the difference between the two.

Headband Wig vs. Lace Front Wig

A headband wig has a piece of cloth at the front of the wig that resembles a headband. They come with a number of combs attached to the inside, allowing for more secure placement. The front lace wigs have lace at the front of the wig to depict the natural hairline. 

1. Installation

The major difference between the two is how they are installed. The headband wigs are extremely simple. You only need to brush your hair and put on the wig. Secure the band behind your ear, and you’re ready to go. You don’t need to use any sort of adhesive or lace. For easy adjustments, you can use Velcro.

Contrarily, a lace front wig requires glue and lace to put it on. You would need to cut the lace according to your face shape and hairline and use glue to secure it in place. Additionally, if you want to readjust it, you’d have to repeat the whole process. So if you’re a beginner, the headband wigs will save you from complications.

2. Hairline

Another big difference is that the regular wigs provide you with three varying hairline options, i.e., pre-plucked, widow’s peak, and natural hairline. You can choose any while your actual hairline will be entirely covered.

On the contrary, the headband wig allows you to expose your natural hairline, letting your scalp breathe. You’ll end up with a more natural look and freedom to style in different ways if you opt for this type of wig. 

3. Price

Generally, lace front wigs are more expensive than headband wigs. Even if both of them are made using 100 percent human hair, the headband wigs will be a more affordable selection. This is because the lace front wigs have an inconsistent shape with parts that are more liberated comparatively. So if you’re on a limited budget but want to indulge in fashion trends, headband wigs will be your best choice. 

For most women, a good hair day is a good day indeed. So if you want to boost self-confidence without risking the health of your hair, you must immediately buy a headband wig.


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