yoga mat cleaner

Cleaning your yoga mat is of importance since it comes in close contact with your body now and then. When used over extended periods, it may harbor dirt and germs that can cause infections.

Yoga mats require extra care and attention to keep them clean and in top shape.

Below are some dos and don’ts on how to clean a yoga mat.

Do Use Appropriate Cleaning Agents

Your mat can last longer when cleaned regularly using recommended cleaning agents. Basic cleaning agents include clean water, mild detergents, and a soft cleaning cloth.

Using abrasive cleaning agents like rough scrubbers will ruin the mat’s fabric making it brittle and faded. Most importantly clean your yoga mat regularly depending on how often you use it. If you use it daily, you can deep clean once a month.

Do Disinfect the Yoga Mat Regularly

Sometimes you may not be able to deep clean your mat, but you can disinfect it before using it. The perfect homemade disinfectant would be a solution of hydrogen peroxide and water.

Prepare the solution and using a soft cloth wipe the mat gently and let it dry. Doing so will get rid of dirt, microbes, and the bad odor. Sodium hydroxide is also a good disinfectant.

Do Air Out the Mat Regularly

One way to maintain your yoga mat is to ensure that it is always dry and smelling good. Nothing is worse as having to work on a damp and smelly yoga mat. A damp yoga mat creates a perfect environment for fungus and bacteria to grow and lead to the development of bad odor.

Air-dry your mat after every session. To thwart the bad smell, use an herbal and non-oily disinfectant or solvent that will leave your mat smelling pleasant. Do not store your mat before it is completely dry as it will develop molds.

Do Store It in a Clean and Secure Place

To ensure that your yoga mat serves you for long and to save you replacement cost, storing it properly is highly recommended. Find a clean and secure place to keep your yoga mat away from kids.

After use and before storing it away, roll it up and hold it in place using a rubber band to prevent it from getting wrinkled.

Do Not Use a Washing Machine

Most yoga mats are made from rubber, thus placing it in a washing machine will degrade their quality and make it slippery when being used.

Unless your mat has been passed suitable for machine washing it will be safe to avoid it. Moreover, it can cause damage to your washing machine leaving you with a huge repair bill.   

Do Not Put It under Direct Sunlight

Once you have cleaned your yoga mat, the best place to let it dry is under a shade. Some yoga mats are made from materials that can be damaged when exposed to direct sunlight. The effects of sunlight exposure would be that your mat will fade and become brittle.

Do Not Place Food and Drinks on It

Yoga mats are strictly for yoga sessions. Avoid placing food and drinks on it as they might leave stubborn stains that will ruin the mat’s aesthetics. To further prevent stains to build upon your mat, do not apply skin creams and oils before using it. These will leave stains on your mat and which can damage the material.


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