Socks are one of the underrated innerwear in a wardrobe. As being an item that is worn on the feet, many people consider socks to be of less importance hence chosen it as an afterthought. However, as socks are used to regulate someones body temperature (both heat and cold), more consideration is needed when determining the right types to wear.  Even as one takes extra care in choosing socks for different types of weather, socks can also be used as a fashion statement and pomp up to your wardrobe. Below are simple tips and tricks for choosing the right Custom socks wholesale to invest in for everyday use.

To effectively look good in socks, choosing the correct base layer is essential. However, you also look in them you need to choose socks that;

  1. Match each other

One of the major rules to remember when selecting socks to wear every day is that their socks should match each other. Even when in a hurry take extra care to ensure the socks you intend to wear are of the same pair. This will save you from embarrassing situations where you are needed to take off your shoes.

  1. Match trouser

For a streamlined look, make sure that the socks you wear are matches your trouser. You might want to choose contrasting colours for a little pop of colour; however, even as a personal choice, it might seem off. As a rule of style, employ the same styling rules as you would style with neckties, belt and shoes.

  1. Correct length

Choosing the right length of socks is especially vital to a man. As hairy legs are unsightly to a man in a suit, when choosing socks for a suit, ensure that they overlap with the trouser. Though longer socks may be more expensive, they give you a streamlined look that is professional.

  1. Casual Wear

Feel free when choosing socks for casual wear. You have the freedom to choose socks, for example, ankle socks for loafers and the likes. You can also choose mid-knee socks for all other occasions if you so like. In this, you have the opportunity actually to pick fun colored socks that suit your taste.

  1. High-quality socks

As expected, not all socks type can work for you. Choose socks types that are of high quality and not merely socks types that are available. This means choosing socks that have no holes or visible stains in them. Take a keen interest in choosing socks whose thread do not pull easily hence ensuring durability.

  1. Matching quality of the ensemble

Finally, ensure that you choose socks that match the whole clothes ensemble. This means choosing socks of high quality with a nice sheen appearance for formal wear and heavy wool in fun colours for casual wear.


Choosing socks is more than simply closing your eyes and choosing long underwear. Take considerations of the different activities you will take in whether outdoor and indoors. Also, take into consideration the weather when choosing your socks type. In all, when choosing socks to invest in, it’s crucial you choose socks to suit your taste regarding feel and color for a great fashion statement.


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