Lingerie or bralette and panty sets are a big part of every woman’s wardrobe. They are more than pieces of clothing. They provide comfort and confidence to face the day knowing you are well supported. The market is quite diverse and complex when it comes to buying bras and panties. You might think that shopping for these sets is straightforward, but it’s not. It’s easy for those who know exactly what they want. However, how many women know what to look out for? Here’s a guide to use when shopping for lingerie. 

How to shop for lingerie

Bra and panty sets have a feminine touch and are beautiful. Buying can be an exciting experience with the proper knowledge or guide. Here are things to consider to get when shopping.

1. Know your body size

When shopping for clothes, always aim at getting the correct size or fit for your body. Loose-fitting bras or panties aren’t flattering to the body. These pieces are meant to bring out the best in you, and anything ill-fitting isn’t ideal. Different countries use varying numbers to refer to sizes. Shopping locally is much easier since you can visit the stores. Ensure that your size matches what is written on the tag. For online buying, sellers provide a chart with sizes. Confirm yours on the size first and convert if necessary. Be keen, especially on the bra size, as most people get it wrong.

2. Identify current lingerie trends

Like any other clothes, these have trends. They are great picks for anyone struggling to locate the perfect style. They are easy to wear, and you can find them in almost every clothing store. Currently, most bralettes and panty sets brands aim for comfort plus style. So, always have the trend in mind and hop on it if it’s something you like.

3. Begin with simple lingerie pieces

There ate all sorts of innerwear that you can think of. Most stores only stock the basic kind while others have all types under one roof. If you like to go to the extreme with your wear, the second option is ideal. As a first-time buyer, start by getting a simple machine set: a bra and panty. Types such as three-piece sets with garters and stockings may be too much for you. After a while, you can work your way up till you reach the extreme kinds.

4. Look for a good quality set

Good quality innerwear set is expensive. You may find much cheaper types, but the lifespan isn’t as long as the other. High-quality underwear feels soft on your skin and does not irritate. The fabrics used are breathable. It’s also quite comfortable and matches your body type, unlike the cheaper versions. Be ready to spend money if you want something to last you for years.


The tips above are suitable when buying any underwear. Shopping is not the easiest for everyone so the guide would come in handy. Besides that, factor in the occasion leading you to buy the inner wear. Is it an anniversary, birthday, honeymoon, or a typical kind of day? There are different styles to match every occasion so choose accordingly.


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